Bobby and Kelly had been dating for five years after they met on a dating site called eHarmony. They decided to get married on July 15, 2016. My favorite part was the blending of their two families. Bobby had three sons and Kelly had a son and a daughter. I had taken pictures of Bobby’s two sons senior pictures years prior so I’d really gotten to know his side of the family. As I photographed Kelly getting ready with her best friend and her daughter I loved getting to know her as well. As I took pictures of both of them prior to their ceremony it was obvious why they were meant to be.  


Their wedding venue Della Terra was just perfect for them since it fits their personalities, decor, and their intimate wedding. Their coloring of blue and orange matched perfectly with the green trees and summer setting.  Bobby was walked down with his three boys while Kelly was walked down with her dad and her son after she took a carriage ride with just her dad. My favorite part was when Bobby saw Kelly for the first time and that’s always a picture I refuse to miss. Also, Bobby hugging Kelly’s dad and Kelly hugging her son at the same time was such an intimate moment. As Bobby and Kelly said their vows I was able to witness all the laughs, smiles, and happiness that were shared throughout their family and friends. After they shared their first kiss I had them kiss one more time at the end of the altar with their family in the background since this is always one of my favorite moments to capture. Their guests shared their happiness by throwing silver like streamers as they ran through. Then Bobby and Kelly shared a carriage ride to the reception hall. At the reception, it was quite obvious how much love their kids had for them which was expressed during the toast. After they shared their first cake cutting, they did their first dance which was so magical as the sun was setting behind them. Seeing Kelly dance with her dad was definitely a moving part of their wedding.