Weddings during the Covid pandemic of 2020 weren’t easy for any couple. This particular couple had to reschedule due to catching it, but they were such troopers. They made three different wrist bracelets for their guests and it showed what their guest’s comfort level was when it comes to touching. The green bracelet’s meant they were ok with a hug. Yellow meant they would do an elbow bump, and red meant they wanted to keep the six feet apart. It was smart because it’s a confusing time and hard to know where people’s comfort levels are. 


Grand arrivals of the groom Scott with his parents and the bride Elizabeth with her Dad started with the chairlift. I made sure to seize the moment from this starting point. It was quite windy up in A-Basin but it was gorgeous with the trees changing to a bright yellow.  Elizabeth’s mom, who passed away, her favorite color was yellow, so that was a perfect color to be surrounded by on the mountain top.


During the ceremony, I like to get the groom’s reaction to him seeing his bride for the first time in between the bride and dad’s shoulder. The love that Elizabeth and her Dad had for one another was so special. The hug at the alter is a “must catch,” moment.


I loved that they brought adorable dog Mahomes. He was a huge part of the ceremony and he did such an amazing job being the ring bearer.