I got married on November 8, 2020 so during Covid. It wasn’t easy especially since we planned it all within 90 days. We were overly pre-pared with tons of wipes, antibacterial bottles (small and big), masks, and a temperature taker. Those were some unknown and scary times and to have a wedding in the middle of a pandemic was quit difficult. Also there was a presidential election going on, so we made a sign about not having any Covid or election conversations, especially since one side of our family was democratic and the other side was republican.

-Definitely ask for help if not get a wedding planner or a coordinator. I had family members that were able to help me set up while I was getting my hair and makeup done. Without them though I would have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Our flowers and food was delivered but we brought decorations, our wedding attire, and wedding cake.

-Keep a check off list of what's already paid and what needs to be paid to each vendor.

-Try not to go crazy with the little things like decorations, gifts for your guests, things that say your last name etc. especially on Etsy. You will have it afterwards and nowhere to put. However I did use some things for a shadow/memory box.

-Listen to your instincts when booking a venue, Airbnb, church, elopement spot, etc. If a venue is giving you too many rules and regulations that don't fit your needs don't book them. We booked an Airbnb and due to the fires in Estes Park we changed to Woodland Park. However we almost booked one in Manitou Springs but they wanted to charge extra to use plates/cups in the cupboard which we would have used staying there regardless. Also they wanted to charge extra for parking, outdoor heaters and to use more of the backyard.  Many Airbnb's don't allow you to have weddings there and if they do they charge an extra fee to have on there.  They aren't meant for weddings like venues so defiantly check on lighting situations for where your ceremony site is.  As a photographer I should have known better but we didn't look or know that there would be half of the ceremony site in bright sun and the other half in pure shade.  Of coarse we as the Bride and Groom were to busy to realize this when we stood at the alter.  My husband was in the shade while I was in the sun, which is a photographer's worse nightmare.

-After having your dress altered make sure you try it on one more time. I had straps added to my dress and after having an adjusted the second time she didn't have me try my dress on again. Also have backup clips for your dress in case your bustle brakes. I had three bustles and two of them broke after about 30 minutes of dancing. I literally used a chip clip to keep my dress up while dancing the rest of the night.

-Read your Photographer and videographers contract to make sure you understand what your getting exactly. Make sure you have an option if you can purchase more images and video footage.

-Have a checkoff list of what pictures and video you must have. 


Hand off your phone to somebody you trust so they can take pictures/videos of you and your special day so you have pictures to look at prior to your photographer's pictures. Of course don't let them get in the way of the photographer/videographer.

Sit back and enjoy more since the day we'll go by so fast.  It's almost as if you blink and it's done.

Highly recommend smaller weddings because with my 23 guests I was able to enjoy everybody and it felt more intimate.

Make sure you eat since there's a lot going on and you tend to want to get up and mingle with everybody but you need substance especially if you're going to drink.

Get pictures of parents together, couples together and families together.  Try to get pictures with everybody. Make a detailed list your family can help with.

Make sure Photographer gets pics of groom and guests walking up and down aisle or even redo just for pictures. This was hugely missed. We would have loved to kiss at the end of the alter.

Have a video where you talk about the couple and a fun story or you're well wishes for them.
Even a video of us as a couple talking after we got married.

If you have a smaller wedding possibly think about hugging each of your guests at the ceremony. 

Make sure have one another's rings before the ceremony.

Try to tell people including vendors to not bug you 48hrs prior to wedding. It can get to stressful. Perhaps give your phone to a loved one to answer last minute questions. 

Loved that I did hand over my phone over to a friend to get behind the scene pictures. It helped with wanting to see images and videos asap before the Photographer delivers the images. Also helps with images your Photographer might miss.