Getting ready shots and detail shots are so important when it comes to weddings. Madeline and her mother made these sola wood bouquets, and they were so elegant. To show off her gorgeous dress we hung it up in the wine cellar of the venue with her bouquet and veil. It defiantly told a story of them getting married at this unique venue “Club and Flying Horse,” in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I can see why they chose this venue.

Instead of doing a first look they did a “First Touch,” where Leo was blindfolded and they were able to touch and talk to one another. I believe this always helps with wedding jitters. They were laughing, talking and having a moment to themselves before walking down the aisle.

Madeline was able to do all her bridesmaids pictures prior to the wedding. The backdrop of the mountains and the green trees were mesmerizing and the cloudy day made for perfect lighting. The purple bridesmaids dresses matched perfectly with the flowers. I always like to have fun with the bride and her ladies. Some of these are childhood friends, relatives, and in this case her sisters, and good friends.

Leo did his groomsmen pictures before the ceremony as well. Some were his cousins, his brother while other’s were friends. I loved how he had a gold tie while guy’s had on purple ties to match the color theme of the wedding.

They got married outside with the amazing views of the mountains and the rock venue that looks like a castle. Madeline was walked down by her Dad and I always capture the moment the Dad hugs his daughter at the alter. She’s going from her Dad’s arms to her soon to be husbands arms. It’s a special time in any bride’s life.

During the ceremony I like to capture laughter, tears, and as many expressions as I can. This was especially special since their good friend married them so it made it more personable.

The first wedding kiss is so important for a wedding. It’s their first kissed as a married couple and shows their love, devotion and respect for each other. I always ask whose marrying them to move to the side so I can capture just the Bride and Groom. Their reactions are also important and Leo and Madeline defiantly show how happy they were to be announced as Husband and Wife and here “Mr. and Mrs. Brasuel.” I also like to get another picture of them kissing and interacting at the end of the aisle with their family and friends behind them cheering them on. It’s a fun shot to get.

After the ceremony we go straight into formal images. I start with the family, then the wedding party and end with the couple. It’s always fun to capture them interacting with one another as a first time wedding couple. A must picture for me is always the Bride with her grandparents and the Groom with his grandparents. It’s such a treasured moment

The Bride and Groom images are so key. It’s fun to get them to dance, dip, and pick up bride shot.

During the reception the first dance is magical. They had taken dance lessons and Madeline loved to twirl her dress as she was swung around. Also capturing the signing of the marriage certificate is another hug moment. It reflected the harmony between the bride and groom and an expression of their unending love.

The Father Daughter dance is a celebration of her entering a new phase in her life. It shows the gratitude she has for her Dad. Also the Son Mother dance is another heartful moment to capture. I love seeing them talking and laughing as they dance.

We made sure to make time to do night shots of them. With off-camera flash it’s possible to get them and their background.