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In the summer of 2020 David and Jen planned their wedding during the covid pandemic. They sadly had to go down in wedding guests but they made it work. I knew I would love the bride the minute I was able to joke around with them as she was getting her hair and makeup done. I bounced back and forth between them as they got ready. Jen gave David a sweet note before they did their first look on the balcony that overlooked the flat iron mountains in Boulder. After Jen had a sweet moment with her parents she got into her gorgeous wedding dress. We did their first look outside and it gave me a moment to capture the groom’s silly personality and even his groomsmen in the room next door watching. We did the family formal and wedding party images before the ceremony. It was quite hot outside and with the fires nearby we worked hard to get back inside to cool off.  Whenever we were inside there was a mandatory mask mandate and that’s why both the ceremony and reception were outside. They were married by a long-time friend of the families that also married Jen’s parent’s over thirty years ago. He brought some comedy and laughter to the ceremony. There were quite a few gag pictures shared before the rings and vows were said. My favorite part was when Jen and David hugged all their wedding guests one by one.  That’s also when they found out the other wedding guests that weren’t allowed to come were at the bar/restaurant to show their love for the couple.  The main speeches were made inside to help their guests to cool off and be more intimate. During the reception, the first dance and dad-daughter dance were allowed but no other dancing was permitted.  The maid of honor and best man did their speeches before dinner.  Once their first meal as husband and wife was shared they fed each other a cupcake that her mother had baked. This wedding was one that I’ll always remember due to Covid, the firest, but mostly because of how much love was shared between their family and friends. They overcame the guest count and made it a one-of-a-kind wedding.

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