I personally believe my story is quite unique but read for yourself to find out

As a young child, I had no idea what photography was all about. I assumed it was just a print you had to look back on in order to remember your past. I was adopted at the young of five, and the first picture that was taken of me was when I was already two or three years old. Without this picture, I would have no idea what I looked like back then. Sadly I had only had a few pictures to look back on before the age of six. I loved that my adopted parents captured pictures of us all the time since it taught me that cameras could really stop time. I soon was given a camera of my very own, so I could capture my own memories. This was a gift my parents gave me when we got legally adopted at the age of 10. Soon after I turned into my family’s personal photographer. Whenever we had family gatherings I just had to bring my camera to capture the memories. I knew then that I wanted to learn more about photography so took photography classes in High School and College. The rest was history in the making.

Behind the Scenes at a Senior Session

I always bring my step stool with me and this time it came in handy. I photographed Carter’s senior session in Loveland at Carter lake. It was so great that he brought the dirt bike that he saved his hard earned money for.  Between the happiness that Carter presented for his bike and the amazing backdrop I was in heaven.  I photographed his mom’s wedding a few years back so I have some history with this family.

Behind The Scenes at a Wedding

At Chayton and Taylor’s wedding I got to capture the Bride’s brother doing a selfie with them as he read their vows. In Colorado just about anyone can marry you so why not a family member. Here I loved how he made the wedding unique, and added some humor. It was hilarious to see the selfie image with me in the background, and also the other side. Their venue Baldoria on the Water in Lakewood is gorgeous.

Behind the Scenes at Maroon Bells

I photographed Bill and Krystal’s wedding in Aspen and we got the pleasure of using Maroon Bells in Aspen.  This mountain is my favorite place in Colorado.  We didn’t have much time but I hurried as fast as I could trying not to be to giddy about using this mountain as my backdrop.

My Story

-In 2007 I visited Europe for over two months.  It was a life-changing trip because I knew then that photography was definitely my passion and that’s all I wanted to do. I quickly enrolled in the Art Institute and got my first professional digital camera with a few lenses. I knew I could do anything I put my mind to since it’s something my mom always told me as a kid.

-In 2009 I photographed my first wedding and fell in love with capturing weddings. I worked for a freelance company for several years and have since shot 300 weddings. From that experience, I learned the ins and outs of wedding photography and know exactly what it takes. Over the next several years I’ve worked for other various photography companies and learned more about posing, how to get people’s real smiles, how lighting works, etc. I also had many opportunities to learn more about family, senior and newborn photography.  

-In 2014 my dream became a reality when I opened up Drive the Image.

-It took me over 25 years to make my dreams come true, but I wake up every day feeling blessed that I’m able to do what I love.

My Hobbies/ Passion

-I love to collect antique cameras and have over 50.

-Love to travel around the world especially cities like NY, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Miami.

-Finding new places in Colorado even for the day, and never gets old regardless of growing up in CO.

-Enjoy spending time with my husband Matt, and he loves to travel as much as I do.

 -I read whenever I have time and my favorite authors are; Danielle Steel, Nicholas Sparks, Mary Higgins Clark, etc.

-My two adorable kitties keep me company daily; an orange tabby Echo, and a b&w tabby girl Victoria.

-I try to volunteer at least a few times a year and give blood. (Never forget where you came from)

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10 Things to ask your Wedding Photographer Answered.


1. What is your style of photography? (Dark/Moody or Light/Airy)

I’m very light and airy and more to real life.

 2. How many pictures will I get?

It all depends on the hourly package you choose, 4hr, 6hr, or 8hr. I normally deliver 100 images an hour.

3. Will all my images be edited and do I get any in B&W?

I edit all the images I deliver since it’s a symbol of my work.  Per request, I can give B&W images and I will also give that same image to you in color.

4. How will I receive the images? (prints/online/usb)

You will receive your images online and if you pick the package for the USB you will receive that at a later date.  I will in the future offer prints and a photo album as an option. Until then you can print them through my Zenfolio, or through whatever printing service you desire. If they need a print release feel free to reach out to me so I can get you one.

5. How long have you been doing photography?

I’ve been doing photography since High school in 1994, when it was film.  I attempted to open a business in my early 20’s but with the cost of renting the darkroom and developing, I struggled to make a profit.  When photography became digital I was able to do it for a living. In 2009 I started doing weddings, and then in 2014 I opened Drive The Image. 

6. How many weddings have you shot as the lead photographer?

I’ve shot over 300 weddings, and out of those about 220, I was the main shooter. I love being the main shooter and the  2nd shooter since both have their advantages.

7. Do you have insurance?

Yes, I have insurance that covers me as the photographer and if anything happens to my clients while I’m representing my company. I also have equipment insurance and NPS with Nikon so I can get my equipment fixed and sent back to me asap.

8. Do you have a backup in case anything happens?

I know quite a few photographers that I have as a backup in case something happens to me.

9. How are you with getting the families together for all the formal images?

I’m great at wrangling families together and getting them to pose in a fashionably matter. Usually, you have 30 mins to an hour to do formal pictures and depending on how big your family is we could have less time. As a photographer, it is our job to keep everything going smoothly so you as the couple isn’t stressed. If you have a wedding planner or wedding coordinator that always helps the whole day go a lot smoother.  

10. How are you with different lighting situations? (Meaning do you use more natural light or flash)

I personally use both natural light and flash, since it all depends on the situation. I’m not scared to use flash at all. I use off-camera flash during the reception and it’s much needed since the majority of venues are darkly lit.

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