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Do you feel like you can’t find an experienced photographer that’s affordable? Do you sometimes feel uneasy in front of the camera?  Do you ever feel unprepared for a photo shoot? 
Look no further Drive The Image is here to help.

Deanna (Drive the Image) photographed our outdoor wedding in October. She was a pleasure to work with and took the time to listen to what our goals were with ceremony photos. One of the things that really drew us to Drive the Image over other photographers was Deanna’s editing style. My husband and I see lots of photographs where the editing is so heavy it distorts what the day looked like. It was very important to us to to find a photographer that would have a light hand at editing because we wanted the photos to be a true representation of our wedding day. We were very happy with what Deanna produced!



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I’m a Colorado native that just loves everything that this state has to offer. Between our gorgeous mountains and our unique city landscapes I’ve always loved coming home after a vacation.  Photography is my way of giving back to the world, since it’s more than just a passion for me. If I’m not photographing I’m collecting antique cameras, traveling, petting my two adorable cats, spending time with my fiance, twin brother, and other family members and close friends.

Top 10 Things To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

1. What is your style of photography? (Dark/Moody or Light/Airy)

2. How many pictures will I get?

3. Will all my images be edited and do I get any in B&W?

4. How will I receive the images? (prints/online/usb)

5. How long have you been doing photography?

6. How many weddings have you shot as the lead photographer?

7. Do you have insurance?

8. Do you have a backup in case anything happens?

9. How are you with getting the families together for all the formal images?

10. How are you with different lighting situations? (Meaning do you use more natural light or flash)

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